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Adrianus Willem Uithol Table Lamp / Clock AWU 1940s

Rare table lamp and clock designed by the clockmaker and artist Adrianus Willem Uithol in the 1940s for his own workshop AWU Netherlands. It is marked with the original AWA label at the bottom.
From the 1930s till the aerly 1950 he was an important Dutch clockmaker. From the 1950s he dedicated himself to making sculptures. He was well known for his abstract and surreal metal sculptures.
This lamp / clock has a black metal round base with 3 brass curved feet. The time is shown in the middle of the yellow perforated metal body. And below it has a moving text by Winston Churchill: 'Het is altijd goed, als men twee koorden op zijn boog heeft' (It is always good if one has two cords in one's bow). The black metal hat has a conical brass element on top of it.
Unique piece! Gives very nice light when lit.
The lamp as well as the clock are tested and are in working condition.
It has some lacquer damage on the base. Besides that just some normal traces of use.

This product is SOLD.


  • Manufacturer:
  • Designer:
    Adrianus Willem Uithol
  • Year of design:
  • Country:
  • Materials:
    Metal, brass
  • Dimensions:
    w: 0,18 ; d: 0,18 ; h: 0,26
  • Condition:
    Good, some traces of use