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Friedmann & Weber Rattan Magazine Basket Germany 1920s/30s

Unique rattan basket, marked with a metal plate: Friedmann & Weber, Berlin.
Friedmann & Weber was an Arts & Crafts store in Berlin, Germany. In 1933 there was the total liquidation of the entire warehouse.
So this rattan basket must have been made before 1933, which makes it a very special item. It is from the same time the famous Bauhaus existed. 
It is made of bamboo and rattan.
The basket is in very good original condition.



  • Manufacturer:
    Friedmann & Weber
  • Designer:
  • Year of design:
  • Country:
  • Materials:
    Rattan, bamboo
  • Dimensions:
    w: 0,49 ; d: 0,40 ; h: 0,55
  • Condition:
    Very good original