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  • AlvarAalto DiningSet Artek 3
  • AlvarAalto DiningSet Artek 3




Fantastic dining set designed by Alvar Aalto in 1935. This set is produced by Artek Finland in the 1970s.
The set consists of 4 chairs model 68 and the matching table. model 81B.
It is made of birch wood and the seats of the chairs and the top of the table are covered with red linoleum.
All with the patented L-shaped legs. Nice clean and curved lines.
Classic set!
The set is in good original condition. Some normal traces of wear on the wood. The top of the table has some stains and little pits as you can see on the pictures. 

Price: SOLD



Designer: Alvar Aalto
Manufacturer: Artek
Year of design: 1935
Country: Finland
Materials: Birch and linoleum
Dimensions: table: w: 1,22 ; d: 0,76 ; h: 0,71
chairs: w: 0,46 ; d: 0,45 ; h: 0,69 ; seat h: 0,435
Condition: Good original, some traces of wear


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