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  • RuudJanKokke Latjes EasyChair DutchPos Rare 8
  • RuudJanKokke Latjes EasyChair DutchPos Rare 8



Exeptional easy chair designed by Ruud Jan Kokke in 1984. In the beginning he could not find a manufacturer to produce the chair, as it was too complicated and labour-intensive. The first series he produces himself in very small quantities. Later Metaform started producing this chair and from the same serie the dining chair, armchair, low easy chair and a stool. This is an early version, not clear whether its produced by himself or Metaform.
This high easy chair and the dining chair are in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Not many of this wonderful chair are made.
Black laquered (original) oak wood frame and the slats on the seat and backrest are from black laquered ash wood.
In good condition with little usermarks (see pics). 2 slats on the backrest and 2 on a backrest are not completely straight anymore.

Price: SOLD


Designer:   Ruud Jan Kokke
Manufacturer:   Metaform or Ruud Jan Kokke
Year of design:   1984
Country:   Holland
Materials:   Oak wood and Ash wood
Dimensions:   w: 0,77 ; h: 0,79 ; d: 0.67 ; seat. h.: 0,44 ; seat d.: 0,44
Condition:   Good with little usermarks


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