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Pilastro wall unit designed by Tjerk Reijenga in the 1950s.
Very nice Dutch modernist design. 
Pilastro is less known compared to the Tomado wall units from the same period, but are much nicer, better quality and there are much more parts to add, like cabinets, lamps, desk tops and more. All made of powder coated colourfull metal.
This unit consists of:
- 2 cabinets, w: 0,73 ; d: 0,285 ; h: 0,375
- 5 shelves in white, red, dark grey and light grey ; w: 0,73 ; d: 0,20
- 1 desk top in light grey ; w: 0,73 ; d: 0,45
- 1 lamp in red ; w: 0,73
- 1 magazine shelf in white ; w: 0,73
- 6 white metal uprights; 4 x l: 0,75  + 2 x l: 1,00
All parts can be hung where ever wanted.
The set is in good condition with some usermarks. The cabinet on the left has some more wear on the right side (picture 10).
We have a very large collection of Pilastro in stock. This is just an example. Please feel free to let us know what you would like.

Price: SOLD



Designer:   Tjerk Reijenga
Manufacturer:   'Pilastro
Year of design:   1950s
Country:   Holland
Materials:   Powder coated metal
Dimensions:   w: 2,21 ; d: 0,45 ; h: 1,50
Condition:   Good original, some traces of wear


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