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Goran Malmvall Svensk Fur Dining Table Karl Andersson Sweden 1973

Rare Svensk Fur dining table designed by Goran Malmvall in 1973 for Karl Andersson Sweden.
Goran Malmvall was the youngest son of Karl Andersson and was teached by Carl Malmsten.
The table is marked with the original Karl Andersson label.
The table was in production from 1973 - 1979, but not many were produced. No other available on the whole internet.
Beautiful and simple table with nice details.
It is made of solid pine wood.
The table is in very good original condition. Just little traces of use.



  • Manufacturer:
    Karl Andersson
  • Designer:
    Goran Malmvall
  • Year of design:
  • Country:
  • Materials:
  • Dimensions:
    w: 1,40 ; d: 0,95 ; h: 0,72
  • Condition:
    Very good original