• RuudJanKokke DiningSet 1
  • RuudJanKokke DiningSet 1




Fantastic dining set designed by Ruud Jan Kokke in 1986. The first series were made by furniture maker Hubbers, as he could not find a manufacturer that was interested because it was too complicated and expensive to produce it. These first series were only made in very small quantities, which makes this set ultra rare! Later Metaform produced them and nowadays the Dutch 't Spectrum is the manufacturer.
The chairs have an oak wood frame and ash wooden slats in the seat and backrest. The table is made of oak wook and the top has an inlay of ash wooden slats (later produced tables have a flat top without the slats). All black lacquered (original).
This very hard to find set has a nice patina from age and usage. 2 chairs have had a repair on the seat / leg corner, which is well done, but still slightly visible (picture 16).

Price: SOLD



Designer: Ruud Jan Kokke
Manufacturer: Hubbers Furniture maker
Year of design: 1986
Country: Holland
Materials: Oak and ash wood
Dimensions: Chairs: w: 0,39 ; h: 0,83 ; seat h: 0,47 ; seat d: 0,36
Table: w: 1,00 ; d: 1,00 ; h: 0,76
Condition: Good used with some traces of wear


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