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Paul Kingma Early Coffee Table 1965

Early coffee table designed by the artist/sculptor Paul Kingma in the 1965. The table is marked with his hand written name and year in concrete underneath the top.
All his table are unique one off creations.
The table has a minimalist black metal base, which consists of 2 thin metal sheets in a 90 degrees angle and a concrete panel top with slate, different natural stone and little stones inlay. 
Beautiful color combination. 
His tables are much sought after and are becoming increasingly rare, especially the early ones that are definitely his nicest tables.
The table is in good original condition. A few tiny damages around the edges, which is quite common with these tables.

This product is SOLD.


  • Manufacturer:
    Paul Kingma
  • Designer:
    Paul Kingma
  • Year of design:
  • Country:
  • Materials:
    Slate, natural stone, concrete, metal
  • Dimensions:
    w: 1,10 ; d: 0,685 ; h: 0,315
  • Condition:
    Good original, some normal traces of use