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Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka Unique Tapestry 'Afterglow' 1970s

Unique tapestry, named Afterglow, by the Polish textile artis Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka 1970s.
The work is initialled within the piece and signed & annotated at the backside..
Beautiful piece of art.
She used different weaving techniques nicely blending in eachother. The evening glow of the sun reflecting on the water in an abstract way. The earthy colours (brown, beige, cream, blue and green) gives it a serene appearance.
Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka studied at the Academy Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland — painting and tapestry with Professor Anna Sledziewska. Her work has been exhibited worldwide — Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Ireland and the United States. It includes painting, green design and tapestry. Her weavings involve subtle gradations of color and woven slits that reveal and conceal, illustrating the artist's fascination with light.
The tapestry is in good condition with some traces of use. A few threads of the tapestry are a bit loose. 

Price € 5000,-


  • Manufacturer:
    Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka
  • Designer:
    Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka
  • Year of design:
  • Country:
  • Materials:
  • Dimensions:
    w: 1,55 ; d: 0,03 ; h: 1,60
  • Condition:
    Good original, some traces of use