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Shigeru Uchida Set of 5 A-Line Horizontals Pastoe 1999

Stunning set of A-Line Horizontals designed by Shigeru Uchida in 1999 for Pastoe.
The set consists of 5 units, that are made of natural anodized aluminum. The sliding doors can slide in two directions, creating a dynamic interplay of lines. The bodies are attached to the wall using an invisible supension system.
The units are suitable for storing cd's, but of course can be used for many other things.
Each unit measures: w: 0,90 ; d: 0,18 ; h: 0,175
Fantastic set by one of the masters of Japanese Minimalism.
The set is in very good condition. Only minimal traces of use.

We have more units available, also the larger variant that's suitable for dvd's

Price € 3500,- for the set


  • Manufacturer:
  • Designer:
    Shigeru Uchida
  • Year of design:
  • Country:
  • Materials:
  • Dimensions:
    w: 0,90 ; d: 0,18 ; h: 0,91
  • Condition:
    Very good